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3M 11KV & 33KV KITS

First Choice Global Offers 3M Cold Shrink Cable Terminations and Joints (splicing kits) for Medium and High voltage cables and electrical power systems (11KV / 33KV / 66KV).

Product offerings and Applications
  • Cable Terminations Kits
  • Straight Through Jointing (Splicing) Kits.
  • Separable Connectors for MV and HV.
  • Applicable for 11kV, 33kV and 66kV cables and electrical power systems.
  • Applicable for Cable sizes ranging from 15mmsq to 400mmsq.
  • Cold Shrink Type and Heat Shrink Type available.

Please contact First Choice Global should you require assistance with selecting the accurate kits for specific applications.

Cold Shrink Termination Features & Benefits
  • Using cold shrink cable terminations reduces the risk of cable jointer error or causing damage to the insulation of the MV-HV cable.
  • Tight Cable Sealing – termination retains resiliency and pressure even after prolonged aging and pollution exposure in outdoor. locations.
  • Reliability – high dry and wet insulation resistance.
  • Excellent resistance to to ozone and ultra-violet radiation.
  • Versatile – Cold Shrink cable terminations install quickly and accommodates a wide range of cable sizes.
  • Dependable – proven long-term reliability and safe operation at overload temperature on MV HV power system networks.

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