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When there is a fault, the Indicators starts flashing and send fault messages to the NETTROLL SCADA System and designated mobile numbers.

First Choice Global Utilities is the Authorized partner and representative of Nortroll From Norway, offering Remote & Local Fault Indication and Location (RFIL) Solutions to utilities and privately-owned distribution networks.

Our RFIL solution improves the reliability and efficacy of the networks, reduces fault finding durations & downtime which in turn increases profitability. The RFIL solutions are currently in use in Utility and Private Networks all over Nigeria.

Goals & Business Objectives:

Find Faults Fast!
Reduces the Fault Finding/ patrolling Time by directly leading to the faulty location. (Fault finding reduced to driving-time!!)
Reduces total outage time.
The benefits are even higher in difficult accessible areas
Superb Customer Satisfaction

Some features of the Nortroll Fault Passage Indicator Solution include:

  • Suitable for Overhead Distribution Lines (6 – 69KV)
  • Configurable for Remote & local Fault Indication
  • Can send location of faults via SMS, Email and GPS
  • Can be configured / integrated into existing SCADA networks of Utility companies
  • NetTroll Software can be used as a mini SCADA system useful for power network management.
  • Dual indications (Permanent and Transient faults)
  • Load current monitoring
  • Ultra-High 360o visibility (>40 lumens)
  • Battery life of Fault Passage Indicators >10 years


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