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The Personal Electrocution Guard (PEG) is a specially designed personal safety device aimed at guaranteeing the personal safety of utility personnel and linesmen working on live and de- energized equipment/networks.


  • Suitable for all voltage levels; up to 330KV
  • Dua l Voltage Presence Alert Mechanisms i.e. Audio & Visual Modes
  • Battery capacity monitoring
  • Battery life > 3 years Design

The PEG ensures personnel safety through Audio and Visual Alert Systems which are activated whenever there is voltage presence. This double alert/ alarm mechanism ensures that in whatever scenario, the PEG’s user is alerted of any potential risk of electrocution in the vicinity.

The PEG has a built-in clip for easy attachment on the outer garments / external clothing or belt and can also be easily worn around the neck. It’s loud alert system.

All PEGs are duly tested and certified at the manufacturer’s High Voltage. At First Choice, we have taken additional steps to further confirm the field performance data by subjecting the device to an independent High Voltage Test at the High Voltage Laboratory of the University of Lagos, Akoka. The results were beyond satisfactory!

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